Andi Hogan

Brief info

Andi competed as a level 8 gymnast prior to entering the dance world, where Vicki and Alyssa were her primary teachers from the beginning. She trained and competed for several years before studying dance at Ball State University. During her early years, Andi participated in community theater productions at Civic Theater, Footlite Musicals, and Starlight Musicals, and also performed on the castle stage at Disney World. As an adult, she taught at G. Scotten Talent Center during its first five years and quickly learned that she loved to teach. She later began and ran a dance ministry at her church for ten years and also taught dance at Fine Arts camps and gymnastics camps. She is excited to be back at G. Scotten teaching tumbling, and loves to help children reach their greatest potential. Andi has been married to Jack for 20 years and has 7 kids: Jack, Jillian, Jenna, Joey, Jeremiah, Jane and Jude.