NEW!! Competition-Option Classes

All of our Youth Tap and Jazz classes have a competition-option component. Students who register for Youth classes have the option to participate in one local competition in May 2020, when they will compete their tap and jazz routines. All Youth class students will perform in the annual Student Production in June. In addition to the regular class fee, those competing will also pay a per-person fee of $125 to cover contest entry ($90) and administrative costs ($25). Students enrolled in Youth classes do not have to compete their routine – this program is purely optional and available to students interested in experiencing the excitement of a dance competition performance. Youth classes include students grades K-6 in Elementary 1, Elementary 2 and Intermediate classes. 

  • No Audition
  • No Extra Rehearsals
  • No Extra Costume Fees
  • 1 Local Competition Site
  • Tap & Jazz Routines Compete
  • Nominal Entry Fees + Admin Fees

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