Program Overview

The Talent Tour is a tiered program offering defined levels of membership.  The levels include the Elementary Tour, the Intermediate Tour, the Teen Tour, and the Pre-Professional Tour. The Talent Tour is an umbrella program that incorporates all performance groups at GSTC. The objectives and opportunities for these member levels are similar, but each will pursue a training and performance regimen unique to its level. Meanwhile, as a combined unit under one title – The Talent Tour – studio communications they receive will be uniform and therefore more informative. This uniformity will not only keep members informed about the progress of each tour group but will also build a common identity and stronger bonds among students and parents.

Each individual tour will learn a large production routine that features all dancers selected for that tour performing choreography appropriate to their training level. Elementary Tour members will be showcased in a musical theatre tap routine. Intermediate Tour members will be showcased in an upbeat jazz routine.  Teen Tour members will be featured in a high-energy jazz routine. Pre-Professional Tour members learn a musical review, a themed 30-40 minute show with multiple small group dances – tap, jazz and lyrical – and a large production routine finale featuring ALL Talent Tour members.

By design, the themes of the Elementary, Intermediate and Teen production routines will also fit with the Pre-Professional musical review theme. Consequently, when we perform at local community events, all tour groups will be seamlessly incorporated into one entertaining show.