Pre-Pro Tour

Program Overview:

The Pre-Professional Tour is for invited students in Grades 1-12 enrolled in a specified package of advanced level classes in the Pre-Professional division. In addition to their weekly classes, the selected students will meet an additional 1/2 hour a week with Directors Larra Holding to rehearse a 30-45 minute musical review for performance at local venues. The musical review features students in group dances in tap, jazz, lyrical and musical theatre. Dances are choreographed by GSTC and guest choreographers using a cohesive theme. They offer a variety of challenges to meet the advanced level of each individual member.

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Prospective Pre-Pro Talent Tour members must be entering grades 1-12 and have multiple years of tap, jazz and/or ballet experience. Members must audition or be invited to enroll and must regularly attend an assigned and leveled package of classes in the Pre-Pro division throughout the membership year.


Students accepted into Pre-Professional division classes are automatically eligible for membership and participation in the Pre-Professional Talent Tour in mandatory.

All students are guaranteed multiple dance opportunities in the musical review. Separate auditions will be held for students interested in obtaining a specific “role” in the mini musical. Roles may include featured singing, acting, speaking and/or dancing.

Performance Opportunities:

Members of the Pre-Pro Talent Tour perform at these events:

  • GSTC Winter Dance Concert (Dec ’12)
  • Access Broadway Competition & Convention in Troy, MI (March ’13)
  • 500 Festival Kids Day on the Circle (May ’13)
  • Kings Island or Six Flags Great America (May or June ’13)
  • GSTC ‘Grace from Within’ Student Production (June ’13)
  • Fishers Freedom Festival and Parade (June ’13)
  • Fishers Art in the Park (September ‘13)

Travel Opportunities:

Members of the Pre-Pro Talent Tour will have the opportunity to attend optional field trips determined by Studio Director Alyssa Scotten. These optional trips will take place in the Spring or Summer of 2013.  Details TBA.

Time Commitment:

  • Regular attendance at weekly scheduled technique classes
  • Regular attendance at additional 30-minute weekly rehearsal
  • No Saturday rehearsals
  • Attendance as required by performance/travel schedules
  • Attendance during musical review choreography week June 18-24

Financial Commitment:

The following fees are in addition to regular class tuition for technique classes and annual registration and production fees.

  • Rehearsal Tuition – $350
  • Pre-Professional Tour Team Fee – $100
  • Choreography Fee – $350 (choreography camp included)
  • Costume Fee – $100 max.
  • GSTC Warm Up – $130
  • Make Up + Accessories – $75 appx.
  • AB Competition Fee – $35 x 4 routines (tap, jazz, contemporary & production) = $140
  • AB Convention Fee – Students 12 & under – $120 / Students 13 & up – $135 / Observer – $25
  • Travel expenses as necessary


  • More, and more diverse, weekly technique classes
  • Variety of performance opportunities/experiences
  • Lower cost, convenient weekly rehearsals, no Saturdays, more free time
  • Greater exposure to the “show business” side of dance
  • Greater flexibility for students to pursue outside dance-related or non- related activities
  • Be an important contributor to a team effort
  • Great stepping stone for a future in professional dance
  • FUN for Kids and Families, too

Competition Option:

Members of the Pre-Professional Tour may also pursue the Competition Option. The competition option is for students who desire additional competition opportunities as a soloist, duet, trio or group.

Competition option students will rehearse their routines on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Larra Holding is the Competition Coordinator and Dawn Harlow is the Assistant. Larra is the primary rehearsal director.

Competition Option students must commit to Pre-Professional Tour responsibilities as their priority. The competition option is secondary.

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