Teen Tour

Program Overview:

The Teen Tour is for invited students in Grades 5 & up enrolled in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and/or Hip Hop classes in the Teen division. In addition to their weekly classes (jazz + an additional class of their choice), the selected students will meet an additional 1/2 hour a week with Director Kayla Stump to rehearse a special routine that will perform at local venues. A trendy, high-energy jazz dance routine will be taught. The routine will feature Teen level dancers. It will highlight individual strengths and gently challenge individual skills.  Teen dancers will also have a featured part in the Talent Tour Production Routine, featuring ALL members of the Talent Tour including Elementary, Intermediate, Teen & Pre-Pro dancers.

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Prospective Teen Talent Tour members must be entering grades 5-12 and have at least one year of jazz and/or ballet experience for participation. Members are required to enroll in and regularly attend a jazz class and an additional class of their choice in the Teen division throughout the membership year.


Teen Tour group selections will be recommended by staff, and the selected students will be invited to join.  Class recommendation forms will be handed out in May and will indicate placement. Students are evaluated on their enthusiasm, work ethic and ability to pick up and retain choreography.  Students who meet the criteria and are deemed ready to take on the added challenge will be invited for membership. Students who may need a little more class time or younger students who require more maturity, will be encouraged to train another year and try again the next season.

Performance Opportunities:

Members of the Teen Talent Tour perform at these events:

  • GSTC Winter Dance Concert (Dec ’12)
  • Access Broadway Competition & Convention in Troy, MI (March ’13)
  • 500 Festival Kids Day on the Circle (May ’13)
  • Kings Island or Six Flags Great America (May or June ’13)
  • GSTC ‘Grace from Within’ Student Production (June ’13)
  • Fishers Freedom Festival and Parade (June ’13)
  • Fishers Art in the Park (September ‘13)

Time Commitment:

  • Regular attendance at weekly scheduled technique classes
  • Regular attendance at separate 30 minute weekly rehearsal
  • Attendance as required by performance schedule

Financial Commitment:

The following fees are in addition to regular class tuition for technique classes, technique class costumes and annual registration and production fees.

  • Rehearsal Tuition – $250 (academic term)
  • Teen Tour Team Fee – $100
  • Costume Fee – $75-$100
  • GSTC Warm Up – $130
  • Make Up – $30 appx.
  • AB Competition Fee – $35 x 2 routines (tap & production) = $70
  • AB Convention Fee – Students 12 & under – $120 / Students 13 & up – $135 / Observer – $25


  • More classroom time, more education, better retention of information, quicker progress, broader exposure to dance world
  • Increased performance opportunities including halftime performances, a great preparation for future school dance team participants
  • Minimal travel, minimal time commitment, lower cost, convenient weekly rehearsals
  • Builds technique, self-confidence and stage presence
  • Be an important contributor to a team effort
  • Great stepping stone for future advanced training at GSTC or performance on school dance teams
  • FUN for Kids and Families, too