Student Awards


The Motivation Project is a program used to reward students’ weekly on-time class attendance, participation in class, good manners, work ethic and cooperative effort.  Students demonstrating all of these traits will receive 2 tickets per class.

Students absent to a class will receive no tickets for the class missed but can earn lost tickets if they attend a make-up class.

After collecting their tickets, students may “buy” prizes at the desk on the pre-determined dates set aside for ticket redemption.

Prizes vary and can be bought for as little as 5 tickets or as much as 100 tickets.  This is a very popular program amongst GSTC students and teachers alike.

2015-16 Ticket Redemption Dates

November 9-12, 2015

May 2-5, 2016


All students of G. Scotten Talent Center will receive an annual commemorative certificate for their contributions to and achievements in dance.

GSTC is proud to offer each one of its students a multitude of dance experiences in the classroom and on the stage.  The certificates rewards their participation in these various events as well as their commitment to their teachers and their studio.

It is our strong desire to give back to the kids who give so much to us.  We applaud your enthusiasm for dance and your commitment to GSTC.