Parents Organization

Our talented team of Talent Force parents is invaluable to the success of G. Scotten Talent Center.  If GSTC students are the heart of our program, the parent support group we call Talent Force is surely its soul.

Dedicated Talent Force volunteers provide consistent support and enthusiasm through their attendance at dance competitions and their organization of and participation in fun activities and fundraisers outside the dance arena.

In past years, Talent Force contributions started with a GSTC golf outing that ranked high on the excitement meter, only to be surpassed by the wild success of the fall kick-off party at Fort Harrison State Park. Kids and parents alike joined in horseback riding, Frisbee flying, football, food and drink, wonderful conversation and quality family time around the campfire and on jostling hayrides through the wilderness.

Then there was the troupe Christmas Party and gift exchange, accompanied by beautiful studio decorations that remained through the holidays. Similarly, the parents’ creative designs also are traditional adornments at the Annual Student Production.

Add to that the monthly dining-out fundraisers, the swim and slumber parties at Lochaven, the regular distributions of spirit favors, monthly birthday celebrations and the first-ever and must-be-repeated Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Chili Night for troupe dads.

And it ain’t over yet!  For many, the “Grace from Within” charity dance concert and benefit had become the most popular event involving Talent Force. Now, since its debut as part of the Annual Student Production, the show is bigger and better than ever!  Talent Force, GSTC is fortunate indeed to have such passionate supporters as the bedrock of the G. Scotten family.  Thank you for all you do!