Student Awards


The ASCEND program rewards all students of G. Scotten Talent Center with an annual commemorative pin celebrating their contributions to and achievements in dance.  The motto of the ASCEND program ~ performance plus technical excellence in dance ~ is key to the instructional programs at G. Scotten Talent Center.

GSTC is proud to offer students a variety of dance experiences in class and on stage.  The ASCEND program rewards students’ participation in these events and their proven commitment to their teachers and their studio.

The commemorative pins are designed for display on the official GSTC lanyard, which can be purchased at the desk.  All proceeds from lanyard sales are donated to the ASCEND program.

It is our strong desire to give back to the kids who give so much to us and to our craft.  We applaud your enthusiasm for dance and your commitment to GSTC.

Senior Scholarships

Investing in the community, investing in the future and investing in youth are all important to studio owners Vicki L. Gillaspy and Alyssa Scotten. So, who better to invest in than our own students?

As part of our commitment to the GSTC Performing Troupe, we fund and maintain a scholarship account for each troupe member. Member accounts receive $50 per consecutive year of troupe membership from grades 1-8 and $100 per year for grades 9-12 for a total maximum available scholarship amount of $1,000.

Scholarships are awarded during a troupe member’s Senior year of high school, and recipients may use the money however they choose. They have earned it.

This benefit is meant to reward hard-working, committed and loyal students. So far, GSTC has paid more than $4,000 in troupe scholarships.