Production Guide

Academic Term training culminates each year with the Annual Student Production. This entertaining program gives GSTC students an exciting opportunity to perform in a professionally staged show for family and friends. The information below addresses the ingredients necessary for a successful production and serves as a helpful guide.


Each of the two dress rehearsals will be held at Noblesville High School and should be treated as an actual performance. The show will run from beginning to end, only stopping if necessary. Students should wear their full costumes, including correct tights, shoes, hairstyle and accessories.

At the dress rehearsals, we will practice the finale at the end of the rehearsal or during the time planned for intermission. All students should be present to practice the finale at their designated dress rehearsal(s).

The dress rehearsals are scheduled as follows:

  • Mid-Afternoon Production Dress Rehearsal (Tiny Tot, Discover Dance & Elementary) – Thursday, June 6, 2019 6pm (5:15 pm arrival)
  • Evening Production Dress Rehearsal (Intermediate, Teen & Advanced) – Friday, June 7, 2019 6pm (5:15 pm arrival)

Performers should arrive at 5:15pm to the dress rehearsal. We will begin promptly at 6pm. Please be ready to perform. If you are in both shows, you are required to attend both dress rehearsals. Dress rehearsals can last until approximately 9pm.

Performing Troupe members will perform select routines in the Mid-Afternoon Production and are required to attend both dress rehearsals.


Do not wear your costume to and from the high school. Dressing rooms are provided and all performers should change when they arrive and again before they leave. Do not wear your dance shoes outside. Please label your child’s name in all of her/his costumes and shoes. No costumes shall be worn into the audience during a performance. Only street clothes are permitted in the audience. This rule applies at all times before the show, during intermission and after the show.


  • Discover Dance, Elementary Tap & Jazz, Intermediate Tap & Jazz, Teen Tap, Teen Jazz, Hip Hop — Bloch Light Tan Tights
  • Tiny Tot, Elementary Ballet, Intermediate Ballet, Teen Ballet, Advanced Ballet — Bloch Pink Tights
  • Tiny Talent & Performing Troupe — Performance tights specific to each routine


Tiny Tot
Pink Ballet Shoes by Bloch (Style# 205G)

Discover Dance
Black “Merry Jane” tap shoes by Bloch (Style# SO352-Black)

Elementary & Intermediate Ballet, Tap & Jazz
Pink leather “Prolite” ballet shoes by Bloch (Style# 203G-child) or (Style# 203L-adult)
Black “Tap On” tap shoes by Bloch (Style# SO302G-child) or (Style# SO302L-adult)
Black “Super Jazz” jazz shoe by Bloch (Style# SO401G-child) or (Style# SO401L-adult)

Teen Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop & Contemporary
Pink leather “Prolite” ballet shoes by Bloch (Style# 203G-child) or (Style# 203L-adult)
Black “Tap On” tap shoes by Bloch (Style# SO302G-child) or (Style# SO302L-adult)
Black “Super Jazz” jazz shoe by Bloch (Style# SO401G-child) or (Style# SO401L-adult)
Black “Super Jazz” jazz shoes by Bloch for Hip Hop (Style# SO401G-child) or (Style# SO401L-adult)
Bare feet for Contemporary

Advanced Ballet
Pink leather “Prolite” ballet shoes by Bloch (Style# 203G-child) or (Style# 203L-adult)

Tiny Talent & Performing Troupe
Performance shoes specific to each routine

Makeup is used to make features stand out under the bright stage lights. For eyes, we recommend using browns or burgundies in the crease, cream or white on the brow bone, and light natural colors for the lid. Rosy or natural blush will emphasize the cheekbones and red lipstick is appropriate. Eyeliner and mascara are encouraged. False eyelashes are permitted if the child chooses to wear them. Please no blue eye shadow or orange-red lipstick. For young children, minimum make-up is required. Just enough to show up under the strong stage lights is sufficient.

Style your hair in the specific style that your teacher requires. Bring bobby pins to secure hair accessories. Criss-cross the bobby pins to provide maximum hold. All ballet students are required to wear a bun in their hair. Secure your bun with bobby pins and a hair net.

Jewelry is not permitted to be worn on stage for either the dress rehearsals or the performances. Jewelry distracts from the continuity of the costuming and can also be harmful to neighboring performers.

Underwear should not be worn under tights. If a bra is needed, safety pin the straps to your costume so they cannot be seen under any circumstance. Wear a bra that is appropriate to your costume. (i.e. halter, strapless or low-back)

Eating or drinking in costume is prohibited. Absolutely no food or drinks in the dressing rooms or auditorium. Please no chewing gum.


Familes, friends and siblings may not enter the holding area/dressing rooms at any time before, during or after rehearsal(s) and performance(s). One parent per child may assist the performer in the dressing room during rehearsal(s) and performance(s). Dressing rooms will be labeled by class and age. Please utilize your specified dressing room. If a child performs in more than one number, his/her parent is responsible for changing him/her into the next costume in time for the next performance. Staff cannot be responsible for helping students change.

Several classes require a parent chaperone (a parent who volunteers to monitor a class in the holding area). Instructors will inform students who their chaperone will be. Chaperones will be the same for the dress rehearsal and the performance. If you are interested in volunteering to be a chaperone, please let your instructor know. Performers will be lined up in production order in the holding area (hallway) behind stage. Performers must remain quiet at all times. Please stress this to your child. Coloring books and reading books are excellent activities that will pass time as the students wait. Please do not bring more than one item, and put your name on it. Do not bring markers, pens or electronic games. Crayons and colored pencils are ok. GSTC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Backstage is the area surrounding the stage itself. No one is allowed in this area without permission. Only parent chaperones may enter the backstage area to escort classes to and from the stage. Parents of performers who have fast costume changes (1 or 2 numbers) may use this area for changing with permission from Alyssa or Vicki.


Your child’s safety is important to us. All children performing in the Mid-Afternoon Production must be supervised backstage. At least two chaperones should be responsible for each class. Your teacher will ask for parent volunteers from each class to chaperone. Some children will want a parent to remain backstage at all times. This is fine and is encouraged if needed.

The chaperone’s job is to ensure that the backstage environment is controlled and orderly. The chaperone has many duties. They are required to keep each class together as a group, take small children to use the restrooms, line up the children in their proper order before they go on stage (your teacher will provide a lineup order), send children on stage, be available in the wings to collect children when they exit the stage, line up children for the finale, and escort children to the dressing rooms after their performance.

Chaperones must also wait until each child has been picked up by their parent after the show. Chaperones must be available during dress rehearsal and the production. This way children will get to know who is in charge of them.

If you are not a designated chaperone, please drop off your child in the dressing room with your designated chaperone and return to the auditorium to enjoy the show. You may pick up your child immediately after the finale.


GSTC student productions are free to the public. Students may invite as many friends and family members as they wish. To accommodate such an arrangement, there is no prearranged seating or reserved seating. Seating is first come, first served.

The lobby will be open several hours before the productions. The auditorium doors will not open until 45 minutes prior to the beginning of the show. As a courtesy to other audience members, saving seats is not allowed. In the past, this has caused frustration and confusion.

Noblesville High School has tremendous viewing from their entire house whether you watch from the main floor or the balcony. Please remember and remind others about audience etiquette. Audience members should enter and exit the auditorium between routines — not during them — and all cell phones should be turned off.

Matinee Show – 11:30am / Noon curtain
Mid-Afternoon Show – 3:15pm / 4pm curtain
Evening Show – 6:15pm / 7pm curtain

Thank you for your cooperation.

Noblesville High School has a spectacular auditorium with floor level and balcony seating for 1,000-plus. This is our nineteenth year here and we are once again looking forward to using the NHS state-of-the-art stage and equipment.

There is ample parking for all. However, please DO NOT park on the circle and curb in front of the building. You will get ticketed and/or possibly towed. Signs will be posted in the lobby directing you to the proper dressing rooms.

Please be courteous to other performers and respect the facility by cleaning up after yourselves, both at Dress Rehearsal and at the Production. No food or drinks in the auditorium or dressing rooms. Water is allowed. Thank you for your cooperation.

Our production week should be enjoyable for everyone involved. Let’s all stick to the rules for a great week.

Thank you for your cooperation.