Students at G. Scotten Talent Center are trained in dance, and also in valuable lessons of life.  Many of our students have gone on to dance in college (University of Kentucky, Indiana University, Hope College, DePaul, Purdue, St. John and Ohio State universities), to become dance instructors  sharing their devotion to the art, or to pursue careers as performers.  Along the way, we have helped our students adopt the personal attributes that are so helpful to a sound and successful life and career. Many spend consecutive evenings and weekends at our studio, and they still manage to earn top grades in their academic classes.  Dance students learn accountability, responsibility, respect, classroom etiquette, listening skills, time management and self-discipline – all noteworthy character traits which lead to good study habits, good grades and great opportunities. It is no surprise that many of our students are awarded college scholarships.  We take our responsibility as mentors very seriously, and we are pleased by the many opportunities we have each year to write recommendation letters for college admissions and scholarships.