We provide a unique educational experience for performing arts students, with individualized programs to help aspiring artists reach personal and professional goals and a comforting guiding hand to encourage and assist their pursuit of performance opportunities.

Respecting History, Embracing the Future

G. Scotten Talent Center, and it’s staff of instructors, have a deep respect for the art of dance and the performing arts. We are passionate about arts education and arts preservation, and we are committed to ensuring its development among aspiring teachers and performers of future generations.  Traditions such as classroom etiquette, dress code, dance history and classical technique are combined with current dance trends and styles to produce a knowledgeable and well-rounded performer and future patron of the arts.

We believe that dance lessons are life lessons.  From an early age, our students are able to grasp the value of being a responsible and respectful member of society, someone who is accountable, is able to get along with others, has a disciplined work ethic, a refined etiquette, a graceful attitude and a confident demeanor. Many of the values young students learn as part of a thoughtfully and expertly crafted arts program are character traits needed for a successful and satisfying life.  As educators, we believe these lessons are just as important as the arts education we provide, and we develop our programs and our in-class presentations with this in mind.

It all begins with G. Scotten’s Pre-K and Elementary Division classes.  We use repetitive teaching to reinforce correct habits and eliminate bad ones in children’s formative years, and always with a smile on our face.  We believe the classroom should be a joyful and educational space where students love to learn and teachers show not only their love for their craft but also their love for their students and their progress.