The history of G. Scotten Talent Center begins more than 50 years ago, when an observant grandmother in Indianapolis first embraces dance as a creative outlet for her very active granddaughter. That busy little girl was Vicki L. Gillaspy – Vicki Barth at the time – and she developed a talent and a love for dance performance that thrives today as a co-owner and director at GSTC.

By the time she became Vicki Gillaspy in 1973 and gave birth to GSTC’s other co-owner and director, Alyssa Scotten, Vicki had also made her mark as a champion gymnast, who years later would be inducted with her teammates into the Indiana State University Athletic Hall of Fame. After a few post-college years of coaching and judging gymnastics and training future cheerleaders in Bloomington and Indianapolis (she was also a cheerleader for ISU’s Sycamores), Vicki refocused on her first love.

Recognizing the same drive and potential that motivated her mother years earlier, she enrolled a pre-school and precocious Alyssa Gillaspy in dance classes in Indianapolis – and increased her teaching load to help pay for it. As little Alyssa quickly realized her own commitment to dance, garnering her first national competition trophy at the age of 6, Vicki accelerated her dance pursuits as a teacher. Besides her work as a staff member at Dance Arts on the Indy’s Eastside, Vicki concentrated on building dance and tumbling programs in Zionsville and, by 1987, in her garage as a Fishers resident in the new Sunblest subdivision.

By 1989, Vicki had founded The Dance Academy in Fishers, the predecessor to the GSTC performing arts school she and Alyssa would introduce to Hamilton County 10 years later. By then, Alyssa was herself an established professional, having plied her skills as a touring 14-year-old Dance Olympus VIP, a 19-year-old tour director at Universal Studios in Los Angeles , a 21-year-old cruise ship performer for Jean Ann Ryan Productions and the character Diane Lorimar in a national tour of “42nd Street” with Troika.

Alyssa then returned to Indiana and her first love, Eric Scotten. G. Scotten Talent Center – and Eric and Alyssa’s son, Oliver – were born in the next two years. Their son Elliot would not come for another six years. Since its inception, GSTC has been the premier performing arts school for dance in the Fishers area and has achieved wide renown for its talented performers and creative programming. As the founding director of the GSTC Performing Troupe, Alyssa has led the school’s competition students to a series of regional and national championship titles – as performing groups and solo artists at all age levels – while also cultivating a successful program for students who don’t compete.

And the beat goes on!